​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Innovation will enable and empower Blue Shield's transformation and ensure we are equipped to transform the healthcare system. As we evolve to become a more innovative company, we ask all Blue Shield colleagues to adopt these behaviors:

  • Be courageous in applying new ways of thinking and doing things
  • Commit to using our available tools and resources and adapt your mindset  
  • Encourage this behavior in your teams—it takes all of us 

What we do, how we work

The Innovation team is designed to equip Blue Shield with capabilities and resources that allow us to transform the healthcare system. We do this by making innovation a fundamental part of the way we think (mindset) and work (behaviors and practices). The team is tasked with building innovation capabilities for the enterprise and helping colleagues learn how to fish, applying a human-centered approach across work. We also look externally and partner with early-stage and established companies as we apply technological solutions in areas such as data, analytics and AI.

Innovation capabilities

The Blue Shield innovation process will equip you with proven methods to incorporate innovation into your everyday work, unlock creative problem solving and approach innovation in a way that is human, honest and courageous.

Journey Maps

We all know that our healthcare system is far from perfect. The biggest flaw? It’s not designed for the actual people who are giving and receiving care and the folks who help connect them.

This is why we partnered with human-centered design firm IDEO to gather research and valuable insights directly from the participants themselves—members, providers, employers and even some of your Blue Shield colleagues. We wanted to better understand the needs, feelings and goals of people today, as well as their aspirations for the future. Together we’ve created a detailed picture of what a participant's experience could look like in as little as five years, which is what you’ll find here. Use these as guides for future experiences as you strategize with your team.

Innovation Process

The Blue Shield innovation process will guide you and your teams through the multiple stages of learning, exploration and implementation. We practice what we preach - our process and tools will continue to evolve and are intended to help you incorporate design thinking into your everyday work, unlock creativity and approach innovation through a human-centered mindset.       

Blue Tank

The Blue Tank program is an approach for employees to serve as entrepreneurs and pitch their ideas to a panel of stakeholders for investment and implementation. Inspired by Shark Tank, the program is a fundamentally different approach to how we generate, build and implement grassroots ideas from anyone at Blue Shield.

Who we are

Adler Chang

Cathy Steele
Senior Executive Assistant

Jeff Semenchuk
Chief Innovation Officer

Vinh Pho
Senior Principal

Angie Aranas
Executive Assistant

Eileen Fagan
Vice President

Kimmy Lac
Shield Emerging Leader

Anne Kao

Heidi Kim
Shield Emerging Leader, Alum

Lauren Dugard Thomas
Senior Manager

Bella Steiner
Shield Emerging Leader, Alum

Jay Riley
Senior Director

Leila Shams

Innovation stories

Get inspired by the innovation happening across Blue Shield. From changes that impact daily work to transformational processes that change how we are able to influence the member experience, hear how colleagues at all levels are innovating and how all of this work is helping us reach our north star.

Equipping colleagues to innovate

Growing our Innovation team

Cultural mindset shift paramount for innovation

Amber Bundy-Davis, Organizational Development & Learning, talks about the inaugural Innovation Community of Practice.

Eileen Fagan joins Blue Shield as Vice President of Innovation

Jeff Semenchuk talks to Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer at Citi, about the power of changing mindset and behaviors

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